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West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Electric Grill

The West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Grill is highly rated by owners for it's performance and ease of use.  Weighing in at 13 lbs, the 6111 Heart Smart is certainly sturdier than some of the other lightweight electric grills on the market.  The grill consists of three pieces: a metal grill, a sheet metal oil drip pan, and a plastic base.

west bend 6111 heart smart

West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Electric Grill, Black

west bend 6111 electric grill

Some of the great features of the West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Grill:

  • Glass cover & heat resistant handles
  • Virtually smokeless
  • Non-stick 15" x 11" grilling surface; overall dimensions 14.4 x 22 x 6.2 inches
  • Weight 13 lbs 

This grill appears to be very similar to the Delonghi BG24.  The only real difference is that the BG24 lacks the small skillet area that the West Bend has, so the 6111 Heart Smart appears to have a slight edge.

Overall, this is a great electric grill that heats up fairly quickly and cleans up almost as quickly. It does a very good job, and Electric Grill Reviews recommends it.






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