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The Amazing Weber Q140 Electric Grill

This Weber grill is a best seller on Amazon for a good reason: it's very well built, gets hot quickly, will cook everything up to and including nice thick juicy steaks, and cleans relatively easily afterwards.

This is a very highly rated grill, so you will notice that it is considerably pricier than the less expensive brands.  Well, there's a reason for that...  You only get what you pay for and this IS a quality grill that will not disappoint you!  Check out the owners ratings of the Weber Q140 Electric Grill BBQ.

weber q140 electric grill reviews

Weber 522001 Q-140 Portable 189-Square-Inch Electric Grill

 weber q 140

Here are just a few excerpts from the many glowing reviews by owners on

This small "egg shaped" grill uses reflective surfaces to allow an electric coil to produce temperatures matching those of a gas grill. The meat tastes as good as comparable cuts cooked on my old gas grill.
Furthermore, the internal parts simply lift out for easy washing in the kitchen sink.

The grill heats up VERY quickly. It also retains heat exceptionally well. The cover even after 10 mins of heating is only warm to the touch. But inside, the meat sears wonderfully.
I had tried another type of electric, but it didn't get hot enough. I also got it with the cart, I would recommend a grill cover to make things complete.
It's a great grill.

After buying four different brands of electric grills in the last eight years I am pleased to say this one actually gets hot enough to grill a steak properly. This unit is very well designed and not only does it pre-heat quickly it cooks faster than any other electric grill I have ever used. I am convinced it must be due to the reflective liner attached to the underside of the lid. Living in a condo with restrictions prohibiting gas or charcoal grills I am happy I finally found one that gets the job done. Even the inexpensive cover (optional) made by Weber for it is high quality and fits well. I would highly recommend this product to friends.

 I did my home work on the net reading reviews on electric grills before I purchased the Weber. This is a great grill that really gets hot enough to grill the thickest piece of meat. Improvise and line the bottom of the tray with ceramic tiles (not volcanic rocks) and you'll get a smokier flavor. I'm not alone in my opihion as two of my neighbors after viewing mine tossed theirs and purchased the same on Amazon.

 Accessories for the Weber Q140 Electric Grill

There are accessories for this popular Weber such as a side handles kit; a rolling cart; even a night time light kit that attaches to the Weber Q140 handle.  This super Weber Q140 will blow any Foreman Grill off the balcony or out of the backyard!

weber with rolling cart

Weber 6507 Rolling Cart


weber sidehandles kit

Weber Q 6502 Table Kit

You simply can not go wrong with a Weber Q 140.  Electric Grill Reviews finds this to be right at the top of all electric grills reviewed.  This is a keeper. 







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